Atmosphere Research Project (ARSAIO_2014-2017)


Atmospheric Research in Southern Africa and Indian Ocean

- French Principal Investigator: Prof. Hassan BENCHERIF, LACy, UMR 8105, Reunion Island (
- South African Principal Investigator: Prof. Venkataraman SIVAKUMAR, UKZN, Durban (

The GDRI ARSAIO project is organized in 3 research actions. A French and a South African coordinators conjointly animate each action:

ACTION 1: Impact of anthropogenic pollution in Southern Africa on Climate Change and Health
French Coordinator: Dr. Cathy LIOUSSE, LA, UMR 5560, Toulouse
South-African Coordinator: Dr. Paul BEUKES, NWU, Potchefstroom,

ACTION 2: Transport and deposition of mineral dust in western southern Africa
French Coordinator: Dr. Paola FORMENTI, LISA, UMR 7583, Créteil
South-African Coordinator: Prof. Stuart PIKETH, NWU, Potchefstroom

ACTION 3: Stratosphere and troposphere interactions: ozone, water vapor, aerosols and UV radiations variability and change
French Coordinator: Prof. Hassan BENCHERIF, LACy, UMR 8105, Reunion, France
South-African Coordinator: Prof. Venkataraman SIVAKUMAR, UKZN, Durban

This is a joint Research under the NRF/CNRS scientific cooperation agreement. This Project Activity started on: 01 January 2010. It was renewed by January 2014 and it should be completed on the: 31 December 2017. The primary objective is to co-ordinate and work together for investigating the structure and dynamics of the atmosphere by utilising different in-situ, space-borne and model simulation techniques. The project focuses on scientific themes aimed at obtaining a better understanding of southern tropics/sub-tropical areas, such as:

In this project South-African and French partners strongly encourage students (master and PhD) to join in all research activities by co-organising summer schools and workshops and offring training opportunities.