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In the present context of global changes, atmospheric and climatic research should be more organized in the framework of international collaborations and research networks. During recent years, the importance of systematic monitoring of the atmospheric structure, dynamics and composition has been confirmed by numerous satellite and surface observations. Together with land use change, the aerosol burden perturbs the surface/atmosphere radiative balance, as well as cloud properties, ensuing regional climatic impacts. Over Southern Africa and the neighbouring oceanic regions of the Indian Ocean, these regional impacts are influenced by dynamical variability and play an important role in global climate change. The quantitative characterization of these anthropogenic regional factors and their relative climatic impact are still uncertain. In this domain, the improvement and the use of integrative climate modelling tools is a necessity for environmental management and climate change mitigation (International Panel on Climate Change, 2007). Compared to developed regions of the northern hemisphere, the tropical and austral regions of the southern hemisphere are poorly documented even though they are important components of the global atmosphere. Thus, it is important to understand the structure and dynamics of the atmosphere (especially in Southern Africa..) The team is focused on