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About Us
This is an initiative from UKZN Atmospheric Research - Remote Sensing Education And Training (ATM - RESET) group. The plan is to offer the course remotely by means of web-based. The course materials, such as, Lecture notes, Videos and AQuestionaries shall be provided in online. Note that all the lecture materials follow copyright agreement. The assessment shall be made by end of the course and we shall use the web-based questionaries. There will be a laboratory visit for accessing to the remote sensing instrument and such assessment shall be followed as a report form. The report may be submitted by online or through email. No one allowed to reproduce the materials without prior permission from ATM - RESET. The website is currently on progress and more details shall be given later.

How to access to the courses

  • You may need to register first for accessing the course.
  • Only the registered users are allowed to use the course materials.
  • Currently it is on initial stage and is offered for free of cost. However, at the later stage, there shall be cost involved.

Registration can be made by online or one may visit the ATM RESET responsible at UKZN to register manually onsite. After the registration you may allowed to choose the course/s and then the confirmations of your registration will be sent to you by email with more details about how to access the course materials. If you would like to register, click the link below

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