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Atmospheric Research

Why is it important to study the atmosphere

There is a blanketing effect that occurs in the atmosphere of the earth and keeping the earth warm this is known as the green house effect (National Aeronautics and space agency, 2014). The earth’s climate would essentially below freezing if there was no blanketing effect making life on earth practically impossible (, 2014). The atmosphere also provides a protective layer from harmful ultra-violet rays, a gas known as ozone in the stratosphere filters out these harmful rays protecting the inhabitants of earth from these rays which has harmful effects on heath such as cancer (National Aeronautics and space agency, 2014). The atmosphere sustains life on earth, providing oxygen, carbon dioxide for plants along with precipitation for the hydrological cycle, the water plants and animal need to survive (National geographic, 2014). The atmosphere is capable of affecting life on earths in negative ways from natural catastrophes that occur due to phenomena in the atmosphere, such as hurricanes, lightning and thunderstorms, hail, flooding, and tornadoes (National geographic, 2014) . The Severe consequences have been known to occur when humans pollute the atmosphere therefore creating smog or destroying ozone (National geographic, 2014).

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